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By Diana DeLugan

Bienvenidos to the new Otero Family History Blog where we will discuss all things related to the Otero Family of Tubac. If you have a question about Otero Family History, let me know. I'll be glad to research your question and publish the answer here so that everyone interested in this subject can benefit from your question. 

Since research began in 2009, it became quickly apparent that inconsistencies and errors existed in previously published media regarding Otero family history. When news has been reported about a subject for centuries, it is not uncommon for facts to be embellished or reported incorrectly due to lack of available information or misconstrued facts due to lost or destroyed documentation caused by the passage of time. This post is the first of what will be an ongoing effort to accurately report the history of the Oteros of Tubac, Arizona and learn more about southern Arizona's pioneer past. All mediums including print and video will be reviewed.  The purpose of this inquiry is not to criticize. Rather, it is to help educate and set the record straight so that anyone interested in Otero Family History and Southern Arizona History can become more informed about Arizona's pioneer past. 
The Otero family is proud of Don Torivio de Otero's legacy as Arizona's first European private owner of land, first private landowner to build an irrigation system and the first documented lay teacher during Hispanic Arizona periods. 

Like other Hispanic Arizona families, the Otero family survived drought and physical and legal attacks against its' land. Struggles endured by Hispanics in the American southwest are often forgotten, or voices muted as being inconsistent with modern perspectives related to Arizona history. The Otero family is an integral part of Arizona's Hispanic past. It is one of many important Hispanic families that helped make Arizona what it is today. A cursory look at Arizona's architecture, art, and street names of any Arizona city or town reflect remnants of our Spanish and Mexican past. The Otero Family History Blog celebrates our collective Arizona pioneer past.

History has been kind to the Otero Family of Tubac. Over the centuries, many notable Otero descendants have been memorialized in writing like Don Torivio de Otero, Atanacio Otero, Sabino Otero, Teofilo Otero, and Sister Clara (Gabriella) Otero. However, there is much more history to be discussed and celebrated.

Truth is our destination. If you have any information to help clarify a historical reference, person, or event related to southern Arizona History or Otero Family History, please contact us. Thank you in advance for your interest in Otero Family History. Remember, your comments are encouraged and always welcomed.

Image credit: (c) 2013 Diana DeLugan All rights reserved. Photo of "Where History Lives On" Arch at Tubac Golf Resort & Spa, former location of Otero Ranch. (c) 2017 Diana Delugan. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without written permission.


10/05/2017 12:24pm

So, your website is about your family, right? I like the purpose of your blog. Keep up the good work!

10/09/2017 5:59pm

I don't know why there is a need for some to keep trying to change or erase history. If they have done something wrong, the least they can do is admit it. It is sad that they keep writing a different story for some places they try to invade. They regard themselves as heroes. They are criminals. I wish justice is served to every family that suffered. It is great that you set up this website to correct things.

12/12/2017 5:40am

The Otero family does have a huge impact on the history of Arizona. It is great to know that you guys are putting out effort in order to accurately know the exact history of the Otero family. They did a wonderful thing back in the day when they built the first ever irrigation system from a private landowner. The Otero family definitely deserves appreciation and acknowledgement. I hope that you would be able to truly know that great things that the Otero family did in the past.

10/06/2017 8:32am

Thank you so much!

10/20/2017 11:22am

Comment deleted

11/21/2017 8:28am

Thanks for sharing such a amazing historical events with us.


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